An Eco-friendly Equestrian Center

An Eco-friendly Equestrian Center

“Les chevaux de Loix” is an eco-friendly equestrian structure created in 2015 and located within the Haras de Loix which extends over 4 ha in the protected site of salt marshes. From the first year onwards, the equestrian center received the “Quality” label from the French Equestrian Federation, which validates the quality of the facilities and of the teaching provided.

It is for this reason that:

  • We collect dung and beddings from our horses and ponies to make compost for the vegetable crops of our Ré island thanks to … a farmer friend of Loix!
  • Our toilets are “dry”. We recycle them every week, under the same conditions as … the beddings of our horses!
  • We use only wood for the walls, a mixture of lime and sand for the floors and recyclable materials for our boxes and our installations which will be therefore naturally… biodegradable!
  • Our fences are electrified thanks to solar batteries… so beware of chestnuts but they are ecological chestnuts!
  • We recycle all the materials we use thanks to our waste sorting bins that we put at your disposal so that you … use them!
  • Our two new riding arenas are “above ground”. They were placed on a film that fully respects the bio-diversity of our place. This allows us to offer the best work area for horses and riders and contribute… to their well-being!
  • We are particularly attentive to the fresh water of our island. We therefore limit our consumption to the thirst of our horses and riders. We recycle rainwater and our wastewater to water our plants and maintain our materials. That’s why our soaps and cleaning products are organic and our flowers… so beautiful!
  • We use only hay and straw produced locally or within a radius of up to 50km. Our horses and ponies… do really love!
  • We do not spread any fertilizer or chemicals of any kind on our beautiful territory that makes us well by… its beauty!
  • We make you discover the richness of the bio-diversity of our island during our walks. It is for this reason that we do not wander anywhere, anytime and that we help you to… respect this directive!
  • We promise to limit smoking on our site. First, because it is forbidden, we are a public space. Then, because everything is built… in wood. Finally because our horses really hate… the butts. For all those who try (like us!) to stop smoking, there is a giant ashtray, protected and regularly emptied on… the parking lot!
  • We systematically favor homeopathic and osteopathic treatments for our horses and ponies whenever possible under the very careful control of our two great… veterinarians!
  • Of course, we do not print all our documents except on recycled paper from forests managed in a balanced way but not those of our island!
  • We only offer for sale t-shirts and sweatshirts made from organic cotton whose softness is… incomparable!
  • We chose the city of Loix for our center as you will agree… it is indeed the most beautiful of the island!
  • We invite you to sign an eco-friendly equestrian charter to join the family!

So many little things that, day after day, allow us to reconcile nature biodiversity and riding to the delight of our island, our horses and ponies, riders and… their families and friends!

Les Chevaux de Loix team